Anna: a mystery…

“Anna: a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, encased in a Riddell.”

(C) Mr MacDonald, Headmaster, 2000.

This is how my far-too intelligent headmaster described me on leaving school in the year 2000, adapting a 1939 comment of Churchill’s on the potential role of Russia in WW II to fit me…my surname being Riddell.

I thought it very clever at the time, but these days I think the opposite is true – I’m a very open person and happy to share my life and everything in it with everyone. No mysteries here. While living abroad in Italy for three years, Facebook updates and a photostream of consciousness were my way of keeping friends and family at home up to date with my life, and since moving home I’ve missed having the excuse to populate the internet with my inane chatter. So, what better excuse than a blog?! I cannot promise to have anything interesting to say about life, but I can promise you a few decent recipes, pretty photodiaries from my travels, and many cute cat pictures. Which essentially means this blog provides all of your internet needs in one place. I may even write some lists for you. Please follow me. I quite possibly may do something interesting!

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