In Praise Of: Thermal Tights

Yes. You read that right. 32 years old and I am wearing thermal tights, the like of which I think even my 80 year old – yet wonderfully young-looking – Grandma might think were a little too old for her.

But I bought them in Primark, and as far as I’m aware (the platform heels and crop tops give it away) their target audience is not grandmas. So it must be socially acceptable, right? This was at least what I was thinking as I dropped them into the giant bag of treasures I never even knew I (didn’t) need. They said fleece-lined on the label – that had to at least stop my legs from turning blue on the way to work, so I thought they had to be worth a try for £2.50.

When I got them home and took off the packaging and put my hand inside, I was glad I did. So soft!! Better than a fluffy, silken kitten. I couldn’t wait to put them on, but restrained myself until getting dressed for work this morning.

Deciding on a neutral-toned patterned LK Bennett wrap dress, to have an excuse for black tights, I tried on my new beauties. Apprehensively, it must be said….I mean, does fleece-lining stretch? Would the thickness and 300 denier make my legs look (more) like sausages? Would they have enough stretch to stay up?! So many of these hideous First-World worries.

There needn’t have been. These tights feel like millions of tiny fleece monkeys are giving my legs an endless warm, fluffy hug. I am snug, but not squashed or hot. The fit is perfect, as is the stretch. The feet are not so thick I can’t fit my favourite black heels on over the top. Love at first wear. I even had to whip up my dress in the kitchen to let my housemate admire the super-warm lining and the fact that to look at, these are nothing but ordinary high denier tights.


The real test was still to come though. The shivering wait on platform 4 for the 8.35 to London Paddington. Previously even two pairs of tights layered had failed to stop me from freezing. But with these my legs still felt as though they were at home, wrapped in my warm, fluffy, down duvet and sleepily dozing. If only they made full-body suits of this stuff…I could spend winter feeling like I’d never left the warmth of my bed. Even waiting for the tube where the icy wind whistles down the platform and around your ankles I was toasty warm. These bad-boys do exactly what they say on the tin.

Problems may yet arise – how will they fare in the washing machine for example, but for now, I and my legs are deliriously happy with our new purchase.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to Primark to stock up on a lifetime supply.

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