A Few Moments to Myself!

Happy Saturday night everyone!

I have had a great day. As much as I love having a house full of people, dogs and cats, I also sometimes relish those rare moments when it’s just me (and one dog and the cats!). My boyfriend is away for the weekend, and both other housemates were out today. It was kind of nice! I cleaned the house and tidied our room and made our office spic and span (which it rarely is as Ste works from home every day, and though he does try, he is not quite the neat freak I’m afraid I am!), which was really satisfying.

Then my little sister called to say she was nearby and could she pop over for a cuppa, so she did! It was lovely to catch up, and we took Billy out for a nice walkies (Toto went with Ste to see his parents so Billy’s on his tod. I think he is missing Toto already!).

When she left I finished the tidying, put the washing out to dry and then made a start on my office. I haven’t been through all my PhD papers since I moved house in August, because I haven’t been doing any work on my PhD because of the headaches. I have now booked my flights to Florence on 30th April to hand in my first (and hopefully last!) full draft, so I have the date looming on my calendar and sufficient motivation to get cracking. So this evening I tidied my office. I went through every single pile of paper and file, discarded almost an entire bin bag of articles and reading related to papers I’ve already written, and organised everything that is left into the various sub-sections of my thesis, and then put them on my shelves and labelled each shelf with my NBF the Dymo label-maker. I now have the notes from the last meeting with my supervisor on my desk, ready to crack on with it again first thing tomorrow morning. Looking through all my papers, I am really keen to get back into it, which is great. I thought I would be terrified, or at least bored by it.

A side effect of this tidying was finding a few bits of paper I’d lost – a bank card relating to my second bank account(!), several receipts for my health insurance people to make a claim (another task for tomorrow), and a few other bits and pieces I need to sort out. So, life getting slowly but surely in order!

To reward myself, I am now sat in my tidy, organised and newly-motivational workspace, listening to the ‘happy’ mix on Stereomood.com (an online radio service which plays endless great music, all categorised by mood. I love it!), and drinking a cheeky little glass of whiskey!


The glass is one left to Ste by his Grandmother, and the amazing ice ball is from a mould that my parents gave Ste for Christmas. It is the best thing for swirling in whiskey, being perfectly spherical!

The whiskey is a brilliant wheat whiskey we bought in New York, distilled in Brooklyn for only 344 days! There was a certain degree of scepticism from us when the chap in the shop recommended it, but no more! It is so distinctive, robust and intense.


A perfect Saturday!

And now my housemate Sarah is home, I’m off to cook us a bacon and wild mushroom risotto for supper, with a nice glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. All in all, happy Anna!

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