Fiesta Friday: Pear Crumble Tart and a New DIY Project!

Morning everyone, especially my fellow Fiesta-Friday friends!

I failed miserably all week to come up with something special to celebrate Friday this week, until yesterday. First of all I realised we had a fruit bowl full of pears on the turn, that were shouting out to be turned into a delicious pie of some sort. So I baked a pear crumble tart for this evening! Since I have not yet eaten it, I’m not going to share the ‘recipe’ now in case it’s not worth sharing, but here’s a photo! I think it went a little bit wrong to be honest – it was a bit of an experiment and I think my pear puree may have been rather too liquid as the crumble topping virtually sank into it, but it has given it a lovely crunchy, oaty looking crust which I am sure is going to taste good, even if it isn’t quite what I was hoping for!


More exciting however is a trip to B & Q (the DIY store) this evening. I realise it takes a special person to get excited about a trip to the DIY store, but luckily my boyfriend is one too so that works out great! We need to buy materials for a DIY project we want to do over the weekend: a new blanket box/ottoman for our bedroom.

During the week I have tidied and sorted all my cupboards, drawers and underbed drawers and cleaned, organised and repacked all of my spare duvets, pillows, sheets and duvet sets, towels and blankets into neatly vacuum-packed bags, all with their contents labelled (in pen – the labelmaker labels were just too small!). They are currently stashed in a big blue bag at the end of the bed. This is problematic because a) it looks really ugly, and b) the cats love to jump on it and have already managed to get their claws through into the top vac bag which no longer does what it is supposed to, thanks to hundreds of teeny tiny claw holes. Grr! So, a more handsome, more permanent solution is required.

The before photo:


My usual first stop is a local search on eBay (because for furniture you don’t want to have to drive miles to pick it up) but all the boxes I’ve found are actually too narrow to fit the full width of the vacuum bags. Those that I have found on other websites for sale are in excess of £200 which we don’t have to spare at the moment. The solution therefore is to build one! The main advantage being that we can make it the size we want. Ste is thankfully also pretty handy at DIY (considerably better than me actually) so we’ve drawn up some plans, with the help of the internet, and are off this evening for the supplies. Ste wants to build it, on the understanding that I will do all the sanding and finishing! I am happy with that, though I have no doubt I won’t be able to resist getting stuck in with the construction part as well.

So – whilst this may not sound like a fiesta Friday for many, the geek DIY kid in me is bouncing up and down with excitement and can’t wait for the end of the work day so we can start our project! And eat some delicious (I hope!) pie whilst doing so!

Hope you all have a great Friday too – what are your weekend plans?

7 thoughts on “Fiesta Friday: Pear Crumble Tart and a New DIY Project!

  1. I like the sound of a pear crumble tart. Pear, crumble, tart, what’s not to like about it. But all I can assume is that your picture is not doing it justice (maybe you took the shot in the evening, in the dark, after a glass of wine) and it tastes a whole lot better than it looks 😉

    Good luck with the blanket box, I’m after a toy box and I can’t find one the right size. Making one could be the way forward, though I’m not very good with wood 😦


  2. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. And frankly, it’s breakfast time here and I could do with a slice of that tart.

    Also, I’m so excited to see your DIY project once it’s done! I love a good DIY project.


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