Sparkly Sunshine Shoes!

Whilst perusing the lovely El’s blog, ‘A Thrifty Mrs’ the other day, I came across a post about a fashion website called

As you’d expect, they sell things, all for the princely sum of only £5. El’s description of the clothes as sometimes being “a bit Girls Aloud circa 2004”  made me laugh out loud, but even more so when I took a look – I could not have put it more perfectly myself! But in her post she picked out 5 lovely items which piqued my interest, no 5 of which I promptly logged on to the website and purchased. It doesn’t look quite as lovely on me as on the model, but it is very pretty and summery. I also couldn’t help but take a look around, though the site is terrible for navigation as you can only narrow categories by garment type, e.g. dresses, and since you can’t add price filters (because it’s all five pounds remember!) it leaves you with pages and pages to scroll through.

I picked up a couple of pairs of nice suede courts which are perfect for work and really very comfy, in a bright emerald green and a vibrant orange colour (guaranteed to lift even the dullest day in the office) and brilliant value for the price, but my favourite item and maybe favourite ‘on a whim’ online purchase ever is these pretty little things:


Yes, they are bright yellow and covered in gold sequins! They are every bit as in-your-face as they look, and I love them! They are also comfy – I have quite wide feet and normally trainers in this style are too tight across the ball of the foot for me, e.g. most Converse (sadly), but these fit beautifully.


Here they are getting feline approval. Tarquin seemed to like them, til the sun shone on them and blinded him temporarily. That is a hazard, it is true.


They even outshine that poor little buttercup in the background. They outshine everything. They are a slice of pure sunshine on my feet, and they make me happy every time I catch a glimpse of them.

And did I mention they only cost me £5?!

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