In Praise Of: H & M Home

I have a bit of a thing for cushions. My two sofas and one chair in my living room currently have a combined total of 9. Which actually, when adding them up, seems totally reasonable. Perhaps I should get more. I just upgraded the inserts to feather and they are now so comfy I want all the cushions!

Almost all my covers are from H & M Home. I first discovered it a couple of years ago in the Oxford Street store, and immediately fell in love with the rustic, french-inspired look to most of their collection, but they usually have a few different styles at any one time, some more modern than others. My first cover was a reproduction black pepper sack from Provence, and the rest are linen or vintage style.

They don’t just do cushion covers though, they also have a great range of bathroom, bedroom and kitchen products, mainly fabrics, but also decor items such as candle sticks and a nice line of ceramics and crockery. I notice they have a gorgeous new baby range too which would be great for gifts for newborns. I pretty much love everything they produce, always! The prices are also consistently very good, especially if you manage to grab a few sale bargains (which I usually do, being the queen of bargain shopping).

In checking out their new cushion cover range I got a bit distracted and ended up compiling a wish list of all sorts of lovely things, unsurprisingly all in grey, which I am a little obsessed with at the moment. Grey is the new black in my humble opinion (though I went Orange for a while, but we’ve finished season two and they’ve only just started shooting season three so no more orange for me for a while). Maybe it’s an adverse reaction to the heatwave, but for some reason I’m thinking about cosy throws and blankets and snug autumn evenings by candlelight, or maybe it’s because I was looking at the AW season stock.

H and M Home Wishlist | Anna International

1. Velvet Cushion cover £6.99   2. Carafe and glass set £7.99    3. Small plate £2.99   4. Checked tablecloth £14.99 5. Double linen duvet set £59.99   6. Herringbone tweed throw £24.99   7. Checked teatowel £2.99  8. Industrial tray £9.99.

Gah! Tis a dangerous website – I just found a few more things I love whilst checking prices.

H & M Home Wishlist | Anna International

This Pineapple glass jar (£9.99) is so cute, though not sure my boyfriend would approve. He’s not at all bothered that pineapples are ‘having a moment’, he thinks they have no place in home decor. I love it though.

And how cute would this be to sip my cappuccino in the mornings whilst reading blogs before work? Only £4.99.

H & M Wishlist | Anna International


The only thing which I don’t like about their products is that the gorgeous bedding range is only available in single and double sizes. I would love the linen duvet set for my king size bed, but alas, no joy. H & M, please bring out a king size range.

It’s my birthday in September so maybe I will get lucky and some of these might end up wrapped in some pretty paper with my name on! Otherwise I shall just covet them from afar, and maybe treat myself if I feel I deserve it.

Which items from the H & M Home range do you love? And how many cushions per sofa seat is too many?!



11 thoughts on “In Praise Of: H & M Home

  1. Lovely is right, I also have somewhat of an obsession with cushions or throw pillow as we call them here. I’ll have to check out H&M, must admit I’ve never been in the store and thought they were only clothing but i really love the home furnishings. Great that you shared.


    1. I think my bed would also be overrun if Ste hadn’t put an embargo on more than one! I’m happy with that for now, in rented accommodation, but one day when we have our own place, our bedroom will be a haven, and for me, that involves throw pillows galore! Very squishy ones! 🙂 Definitely check out their homewares, some really great stuff and at H&M prices too, which is also great!


    1. You’re right, I’d probably hate it in six months! I’ve since bought the linen bedding though, H&M started king size! Did they hear my prayer?! It’s lovely, great quality and I’m still amazed at the price compared to other linen sets!


    1. Absolutely Jen! Feels lovely to sleep on, washes brilliantly and is amazing value for money, a third or even a quarter of most other linen sets and on a par with them all for quality. I’ve since bought two more sets!! 🙂


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