Elementary, My Dear Watson! (New season George at Asda Wishlist)

I had so much fun doing my wishlist for H&M Home last week, that I’ve decided to make it a regular thing. It’s all the fun of shopping, without the hit to the bank account, so Ste will be pleased!

We do a weekly shop online with Asda, and I usually can’t resist taking a quick look at the George collections, because I think for both clothing and homewares they are fantastic value. I manage to stop myself from buying anything when online shopping, because I use a communal house card to pay, but not so when we decide to pop to the shop in person – I nearly always come home with something useful or pretty!

As I was browsing and picking out a few things I’d like from the new collection, I realised there was a bit of a theme developing, especially when I stumbled upon the magnifying glass. Everything I’d chosen would not look out of place in the living room at 221b Baker Street. So I present to you my ‘Sherlock Holmes-inspired’ homeware selection from George at Asda. Most of it is what you might describe as heritage, but Sherlock would not be the Great Detective without his moustache, hence the rather more modern spangly cushion!

George at Asda Wishlist | Anna International

1. Ceramic Bust £12   2. Horse Statue £18   3. Checked cushion £6    4. Moustache cushion £9   5. Red knitted throw £25   6. Alarm clock £7   7. Magnifying glass £7   8. Camera ornament £5    9. Gold mirror tray £12   All George at Asda.

I am very very tempted by the bronze horse, because I love horses, but I think instead I am going to indulge myself with a duvet paying homage to them instead:

Asda Horse Print Duvet Set

This lovely set is only £14 for the King Size! A serious bargain. And a fitted sheet and two extra pillowcases in cream cotton take the entire set to £23. Let’s hope I have some sweet dreams of my childhood days riding ponies all day long. I could do with some distractions at the moment.

If you’re sending a child off to university this September, or even doing up your spare room, you could certainly do a lot worse than checking the George collection for your basics and for some lovely decorative items, and all at prices you will be hard pushed to beat elsewhere.


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