Flowers by Post – Bloom and Wild Review

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

There is nothing more beautiful and uplifting on a gloomy winter’s day than a huge bouquet of colourful, delicate and lightly-scented flowers. When I lived near Columbia Road Flower Market in London back in the day, I used to treat myself to fresh flowers regularly, but since moving I’ve sadly lost the habit, due to the effort required in tracking down pretty blooms.

I’m also of the mind that there’s no nicer gesture to make for friend than sending a bunch of flowers, just to let them know you’re thinking of them. I’ve used various different online flower delivery services, but none have stood out, though all have sent nice flowers on time, so no complaints either. But if you’re sending them to a friend in need, you especially want to know that they’re going to be getting something really delightful, and I think I know where you can find that guarantee.

I’ve been seeing Bloom & Wild around on social media and in print quite a bit lately, so when they offered to let me sample their service*, I was pleased to find out what all the fuss is about!

Their USP is that the flowers arrive in a letterbox-friendly package so you don’t need to be at home to receive or sign for them, meaning you can send flowers to friends without worrying about logistics, or even sign up for their monthly deliveries as a treat for yourself. One bouquet costs £20, or you can order three regular deliveries to a single recipient for £50.

Mine arrived on a miserable Friday afternoon, with a knock at the door from the postman, who had tried posting it through as instructed on the box, but found that it didn’t fit! In fairness, our postbox is fitted with those brush thingies which may have been the problem, but the box was also a little bowed out in the centre making it wider in the middle than the postbox seemed to be. Not a great start, since if I’d not been home, I’m not sure what he would have done with them. However, we’re moving shortly, to a house with a proper postbox, so that won’t be an issue soon!

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

The attention to detail becomes apparent as soon as you open the delivery note, which has been personalised with your name (and a message if applicable) and details about how to arrange your flowers.

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

Inside, the packaging is almost as pretty as the flowers. Decorated plastic wrap tied in a bow with a card detailing the contents of the bouquet encase the stems themselves, all shrouded in protective plastic netting, rather like miniature Christmas trees.

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

Once removed, the flowers shake out very quickly and regain their natural shape, and there was no damage to the petals or leaves at all, which surprised me. It seems flowers rather like this method of transportation.

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

I spent an enjoyable fifteen minutes “arranging” my flowers in a vase, and with very little skill at all, managed to come up with a huge and very pretty bouquet, which only seemed to get bigger as the flowers spread out.

I think those who appreciate being gifted flowers lie firmly in two camps: those who love to receive already arranged bouquets they can enjoy (because the alternative is that the loose stems are unceremoniously plonked into a vase), and those for whom some of the enjoyment lies in the artful arranging itself. My Mum is certainly the latter, and if ever she receives ready-arranged flowers, she’ll first deconstruct then re-arrange them to her liking. Bloom & Wild’s letterbox service is absolutely perfect for the latter type of person who will be delighted by the opportunity to create their own beautiful display. For those with an aversion to arranging, they also offer a classic and signature option which come ready-arranged, though evidently the parcel is larger than your average postbox, so these are only suitable for sending to work addresses or when you know the recipient will be at home. Perhaps an ideal choice for a new mother who certainly won’t have the time for the DIY option!

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

Underneath the flowers in the box was a lovely quotation that summed up why flowers are such a joy. I wonder if every box has a different one, and if so, I look forward to more!

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

Three days later, the bouquet is still going strong, and the lillies have opened out in all their glory, and no stems show any signs of wilting at all.

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

Tarquin approved too!

Bloom&Wild Review | Anna International

Overall, I am very impressed with the service. The quality of the flowers for the price is really excellent, and being able to arrange them yourself for me (and I imagine for many others) makes this a far more enjoyable way to receive flowers. The website is clear, beautifully photographed, and showcases the bouquets you can order (and gives an idea of how you might arrange them, which is quite helpful, though of course only if you are ordering for yourself. A photo of the bouquet sent with the flowers might be an advantage for those less confident with arranging themselves). A newly-launched iPhone app mirrors this clean, classic aesthetic and seems very easy to use. Handy if you are in the habit of sending flowers a lot, which I seem to be these days. I am assured an Android version is not too far away either, which I will certainly be installing when it arrives. My one criticism is that the box didn’t live up to its purpose in life – to fit through the letter box! Perhaps not all letterboxes are created equal though, and this can be fairly easily avoided by delivering to a work address.

I think my days of ordering from the first florist that pops up in Google are well and truly over – Bloom & Wild have the personal touch that most lack, and the quality and freshness of the flowers is excellent.

If you would like to sample their service for yourself, they have kindly offered my readers £10 off their first order (meaning a huge stunning bouquet will only be £10) using the code Anna10. An ideal excuse to treat someone you love – or yourself – to some fabulous floral delight! Let me know what you think of them in the comments below, and tell me if you’re a ready-arranged or arrange-it-yourself kind of person!


*I received these flowers on a complimentary basis, in the hope that I would review them. I have done so because I really loved them, and I’d like my readers to know about the service. I will only ever be completely honest in such reviews. You can read more about my review policy on my Disclosure page.

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