All I Want for Christmas….A Gift Guide

There’s only one thing I really want for Christmas this year, but I can’t tell you what that is just yet! I’m sorry. (For those of you who are simply dying to know, my Instagram feed contains more than a few clues, which no doubt will increase over the next couple of weeks. Warning: it also contains a lot of food, cats and pugs.)

In the meantime however, this year’s festive offerings are tempting me left, right and centre, and I have gone a bit crazy for gold! I am not sure what has prompted this, but who cares?! Gold! Sparkle! Happy! I’m also excited about rustic wooden kitchens with modern touches and awesome gadgets, gorgeous smelling wintery candles, snug and warm décor that makes you just want to curl up on the sofa with a good book, and one or two things that have no real purpose other than prettiness and making me smile.

These are just some things that I would love for Christmas, but given that quite a few of them have popped up on other bloggers wishlists, I reckon you can safely bet on them being pretty acceptable to your average (age undisclosed) female!

First up, things for the kitchen and the cook in your life.

I already own two incredible Japanese knives from CuttingEdgeKnives, but I am afraid that two is simply not enough. I want an entire collection. They are all handcrafted in Japan by the descendants of Samurai swordsmen (or so I like to think!) and come wrapped in Japanese newspaper. Before we even get to the fact that they are the sharpest things on the planet, it has to be noted that they are also things of great beauty, with handles of various types of hardwood, and blades which have been crafted by techniques that leave the metal mottled or pitted or marbled, engraved with the name of their maker. These knives really take cooking to another level – they simply glide through the toughest of things. Large chunk of beef to dice? No problem. Swede to cut down to size? Done, in seconds. There are different knives for different jobs, and so far I own two medium-sized blades, a 150 petty and a Santoku, and I would recommend either as the first knife to buy. The next one on my hit-list is the Nakiri vegetable knife from the Takeo Murata Buho range, which is one of the cheaper ranges, this one costing £64.99. It might seem a lot for a knife, but if you cook, it will be worth every penny. For a much more eloquent review of these knives, check out this post from Liberty London Girl. What she said, basically.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

Next up on my list (and which I am reliably informed might be forthcoming from Mum and Dad – woo!) is a new set of measuring cups and spoons, because mine are falling apart from overuse. There are lots of cute options out there, the Anthropologie Hedgehogs, some lovely gold ones, but my favourite are from Lakeland by designer Sophie Conran. The measuring cups (front left) and spoons (front right) are £23.99 and £22.99 respectively and a classic that won’t date and the white ceramic will fit most kitchen styles. Every fan of the Great British Bake Off would love these. Even the box is gorgeous.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

Lakeland have also come up trumps with their lovely rustic bread tray (£24.99) which could easily have been picked up at a French flea market, and would also look lovely piled high with root veg or flowers as a table centrepiece.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

The next few things are homewares I’ve been admiring for a while, but can’t really justify treating myself to. Let’s hope someone else does!

This next item is prompted by the promise of being allowed to steal my parents’ amazing vintage bar trolley next time I go home. I am fantasising about how it will look with my crystal decanters and Ste’s whisky collection on top, with a few well-selected mixers and some lovely glasses. The main ingredient of any bar cart is still missing though – the bartenders tools. This £54.99 Deco set from West Elm is the epitome of perfection – gold and marble! And, thankfully, with this set I know what all the tools are for (sometimes, no clue, even though I managed a bar for a year in Italy).  I am hoping that if Ste reads this he might take the hint and get me this…I promise to make you the perfect whisky cocktail if you do my darling!

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

I have also fallen in love with this print by Katie Kime ($68) which would look fantastic on the wall behind the bar trolley, but I don’t think she ships to the UK. US friends – you know what to get me!

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

And continuing the drinks theme (oh dear) are these absolutely stunning agate coasters with gold edging. Anthropologie do a lovely set, but I far prefer these by Etsy seller Gossamer and Violet, and there’s the added bonus of supporting an independent craft retailer.  I feel like with these in my life I will finally be sophisticated and grown up (please do not laugh).

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

Maybe because deer are everywhere this Christmas, I’ve been really loving the idea of a set of antlers in our living room. I’m not so keen on ones which actually belonged to a deer in the not-so-distant past, so these resin faux antlers from Cox and Cox, one of my favourite homewares companies, would be perfect. The large set are £55 and the smaller set £16.50. I can just see them with some mistletoe and holly strewn on them for the festive season.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

H & M Home as usual have some great seasonal offerings, so if decking your home out in red festive items is your thing, pop on over and have a look. My favourite things though are their lovely soft and very affordable throws. I’ve already got the herringbone one which has been keeping me warm for a couple of months now, but I love this soft grey one too, and a girl (and her dog) can never have too many blankets.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

Finally, squishy cushions, which are awesome at any time of year. Kirsten Hecktermann has the most gorgeous oversize cushions in muted jewel tones with linen backs. A stack of them in different colours would be the perfect thing for a reading corner, but at £72 for the large size, I might settle for one for now!

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

I should probably stop here (how much can one girl want, I hear you ask!) but I’ve got just a few more little things to mention because I am sure you’ll love them too and they would make great pressies for your best friend or Mum or sister.

Basically anything at all by Tom Dixon will earn you serious brownie points and some style kudos, but my pick (because I’m a total bookworm) is this amazing quill bookmark which is gorgeous and a steal at only £12. An honourable mention goes to his set of three mini metal candles at £75 too. They would make my desk a joy to work at.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

For anyone in your life who blogs, this will be the perfect present, a witty pencil set perfect for blog-planning, for only £3.50. Or you could get them personalised pencils with the name of their blog (or any name), such as these.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

Paperchase have really upped their game this Christmas and I got sorely tempted by so many little things whilst browsing their Tottenham Court Road superstore one lunchbreak last week. I particularly love this mug from their cosmic range, and their cosmic navy blue leather cosmetic case is a bargain and looks very like much more high end offerings from Smythson or Penhaligons, but for only £25.

Christmas Gift List | Anna International

Okay, I’m done, at last. If I find even one of these things under the tree I will be pretty delighted, but for reasons that will soon become apparent, this Christmas is not really going to be about the presents for us!

What’s on your Christmas list? Any of these things feature or take your fancy?

Please note: all images in this post have been taken from the merchant’s websites and are not my own. 

2 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas….A Gift Guide

    1. I know. Am aiming high! Ste just looked and had a fit at the prices – “£72 for something you put your a*** on?!” might have been his reaction! Guessing I won’t be getting the cushion then! 🙂


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