And so it begins…’finishing’ the guest rooms

We’ve now been here almost two months, which have absolutely flown past. When we moved I imagined we’d have every room finished in a few weeks, but then we went back to work, and daily life got in the way, and well, it hasn’t happened quite like that. Actually, I am quite glad that we have lived in the house a little before figuring out some of the bigger jobs we want to do. I have changed my mind about things several times over already!

We know ultimately we want to add an extension downstairs, filling in between the downstairs loo and the kitchen to make a utility room and make the kitchen bigger – possibly opening up the dining room wall to the kitchen as well, to make it lighter and more spacious. But that is major work, and is many years away while we save up for it. The other big task is a new bathroom upstairs, but really, it’s fine as it is at the moment, so we can live with it for now, but we’ve made a few tweaks that make it feel a bit more us –  more on that soon.

Whilst saving up for these bigger tasks, there’s plenty we can be doing to keep ourselves occupied. We now have everything we need furniture-wise, thanks to a trip to Ikea a couple of weeks ago for some guest-room beds. Both spare rooms are tiny, but one fits a double in (with not much room left) and in the other we had to get one of those day-beds from Ikea that are a single which pulls out to a kingsize when needed. The room is too long and narrow to take a larger bed all the time, as it has wardrobes down one side which would be inaccessible. We spent a lot of time measuring and plenty of time arguing in Ikea and still were not sure it would fit, but we got it home and assembled it and it’s perfect. So we now have bed-space for six  (including the double sofa-bed in the living room) plus two sofas in a pinch.

This is the long narrow room, with the new Ikea pull out bed. You can see there will not be much space when it’s pulled out completely.

AnnaInternational | Guestroom


This is the other spare room with the double bed. Yes, the walls are orange and yellow. Yes, we need to sort that out asap. But for now, it’s functional and comfy!


AnnaInternational | Guestroom

We also got some really lovely bedding for the guest rooms for an absolute steal from George at Asda. Their homeware selection is brilliant, and all the items I’ve bought look a lot more expensive than they are, and have resulted in a lot of “where did you get that” questions on Instagram.

AnnaInternational | Guestroom

AnnaInternational | Guestroom

AnnaInternational | Guestroom

Julian approves of it all anyway.

I especially love the floral duvet with lace edging and the bunny and lavender cushions (both sold out now). If you’re planning a revamp or just a few new bits, I highly recommend them, and their delivery service is quick and efficient, and the couple of things I had to exchange/refund (curtains which were not quite right for the room) were processed very quickly and efficiently in my local store. The money arrived back in my account before I’d even finished my shopping. So the guest rooms have beds, linens, and even guest towels – all ready for guests!

Except I ruined that last weekend by starting to strip the walls in the narrow guest room (which is referred to as Julian’s room (the kitty who was run over), because until last Monday he was recuperating in there. He’s now had the go ahead from the vet to be allowed to roam the house and I am happy to report that he appears to approve of his new kingdom!) so now we are hoping nobody wants to come in the next few weeks. I was just going to get rid of the purple painted textured paper over the chimney breast, but once I started I realised that it would need re-plastering, so figured I might as well do the whole room.

AnnaInternational | Guestroom

Tarquin highlighting the vicious shade of purple against his white fur.

This weekend we are going to finish off the stripping and then work out what needs to happen next – I think some of the room can just be re-papered and painted, but other parts are going to need rather more help, and we need to block up the fireplace too. Hopefully we can keep it as a feature, because I love original fittings, but at the moment it is cardboarded up because the cats can get straight into the chimney breast and being the eejits that they are I can envisage having to rescue one or the other one day with some expensive demolition works if we don’t cat-proof it now.

AnnaInternational | Guestroom

I need to take off the underlayer too, but it looks better already without the woodchip.

The pets are slowly getting used to all the activity. Billy can most often be found piled up on some cushions somewhere, snout tucked under his tail, trying to snooze the noise away.

AnnaInternational | Guestroom

Toto is usually sniffing around seeing what is going on, and the cats are playing with the sawdust, or the wallpaper, or the screwdriver, or just chasing each other around the house at high speed. I think they all like it here.

AnnaInternational | Guestroom

A slightly confused Toto ‘helping’ me strip wallpaper.


So, that’s where we are with the house at the minute. Things gradually getting done, but so much more to go! It’s feeling more and more like home though as boxes are emptied and things find their place, and I still get excited by the beautiful fireplace nearly every day. Having dreamed of owning my home for so many years, the reality is proving to be everything I imagined and more, even if rather a lot more work than I thought!


P.S. I’m playing about with blog design and layout at the moment, so please bear with me if things look a little rough around the edges.

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