And we’re off on holiday!

Whoop! Holiday time. Ste and I are off for a week in the south of France on Thursday, and I cannot wait. Not only is it a holiday, but it is a holiday with a purpose – to attend the wedding of one of my lovely schoolfriends!

There’s a big gang of us all staying together in two adjoining gîtes in a lovely little village north of Toulouse, and plenty of dinners and BBQs planned around the wedding too, so it will be an amazing and rare chance for all of us to spend lots of time together. We are all so dispersed now, many with small children and babies, that getting together takes a lot of planning and a very good excuse, and what better than seeing one of us get married?!

Ste and I are going a day early to relax in Toulouse for a night, and then spending a couple of extra days afterwards exploring the beautiful city of Carcassonne, so we’re making quite a trip of it. We’ve got a hire car so hopefully can explore some of the lovely medieval towns in the region and not get too lost. If you’d like to follow our adventures on Instagram, you can find me here:

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I’m so excited that I’ve actually been packed since Sunday (normally I pack the night before, if that), though it took rather longer than usual due to my two ‘helpers’:

Off to France | Anna International Off to France | Anna InternationalHowever, I am happily quite an expert at packing since living abroad and travelling so much, so it didn’t take me too long. If you’d like some of my packing tips, you can check them out here.

We are actually leaving tomorrow, to take the dogs on their own little holiday down on the farm with Mum and Dad. The cats are staying here, and being taken care of by a friend, since they don’t like travelling, or frankly being parted from their favourite sun spots. We have to collect the dogs when we get back, so all in all, we’re away about ten days. I’ve scheduled a post or two, but I’m not sure about internet access so apologies if I don’t reply to comments straight away, promise I will do as soon as I’m back.

Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine please!

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