Easy DIY Bottle Lamp

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International

Now that we’re finally cracking on with doing up the guest room, we need a new bedside lamp so I set about creating this really easy DIY bottle lamp that I think will be perfect for the task.

Ages ago now I saw a wicker lampshade on eBay that I loved for 99p and collection from the next town, so I bought it. I got as far as painting it cream (looking at the pictures I’m thinking I shouldn’t have but in real life the wood had a really garish orange tone to it), and then never found the right base for it. So it moved house with us and moved into a cupboard over the stairs, until recently.

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International

On one of our visits to The Range store which just opened in Huddersfield, I found a huge green glass bottle that I thought would be the perfect pairing for only £5.99, so I snapped it up, and then went on eBay to find lamp fixings (where would I be without eBay?). I wanted something that would blend with the bottle, and found this olive green cable with matching switch which would be perfect for £11.95.

So, all the ‘ingredients’ to hand, I assembled my new lamp. Ste helped me drill a hole through the bottom of the bottle using a specialist drill bit for glass, because although it pains me to say it, I am still a little nervous of power tools! (And yes, he is sitting on another DIY project which is coming soon).

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International

I threaded the cable through, and connected the lamp holder to the top end. Then I fixed the plug onto the other end of the cable, just to check the fixings worked before I added in the switch. This all sounds very simple but it did take a bit of googling before I started just to be sure, and adding in the switch was really quite fiddly as its a very small space to work in. Luckily it came with good instructions so I could be sure I was connecting the wires in the right place. A tip is to fix the earth in place first (the shortest one because it is in the middle), then the blue and green either side, and finally to fix the cable in place. I initially fixed the cable in and then found I didn’t have enough manoeuvrability to get the brown and blue wires in. Please excuse the cat hair on the ‘after’ pic, I was quite impressed with how neat I got it though!

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International


Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International

I finally glued the lamp holder into the neck of the bottle, added the shade on top, and voilá – a gorgeous lamp which looks as though it cost far more than it did (£18.93 to be precise).

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International

The wicker throws some lovely shadows on the wall too. I think it’s going to look great on the bedside table in the guest room. You can read all about the transformation of that room here and a progress report here. Hoping to be finishing it in the next few weeks so stay tuned for the big reveal.

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International

What do you think? Tempted to make your own? You could even use an old liquor bottle if you have a special one you’ve been keeping out of nostalgia or because its pretty (like my clever friend Tor did with an old Bombay Sapphire bottle and matching turquoise shade!):

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International

Go on, have a go! Cheaper than buying a ready-made lamp and so simple! Feel free to Pin it for another day:

Easy DIY Bottle Lamp | Anna International


6 thoughts on “Easy DIY Bottle Lamp

  1. Looks great! I love that by making it yourself, you saved a ton of money!! I recently painted a wicker shade white, too, and then I keep second guessing myself. But in the end, I remind myself that it looks so much better. Yours looks awesome – thanks for the tips on creating the lamp AND for thinking up to our new link party Dream. Create. Link. Party. We hope to see you next Tuesday!


    1. Thanks Jenny! I actually just placed it in our new guest room last night and it looks great – it definitely wouldn’t have worked in the raw wood so I am finally convinced it was a good idea! Thanks for hosting!


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