Recipe: Quick and Easy Cheat’s Chocolate Bark

This recipe isn’t really a recipe, it is that quick and easy and totally cheating, but the results are impressive for very little work, and you can turn a few simple ingredients into something a bit special, that would make a perfect gift or after dinner treat when you’ve got guests, so I’m sharing it.

Cheat's Chocolate Bark | Anna International

I have my old school friend Rach to thank for this, because she tagged me in a post for this ‘recipe’ on Facebook. It was touting it as a ‘health-food’ chocolate because they topped it with goji berries, but I’m not going to lie, even if it has some fruit and seeds on, it’s still chocolate underneath it all (literally)! So I am not going to tell you this is super healthy or beneficial to your body, but it tastes great, looks pretty and elevates a simple square of bog-standard dark chocolate into a real treat. Thanks Rach, I love it, and if you send me your address I’ll post you some as promised (might have to make a second batch though, this one is disappearing fairly rapidly).

Cheat's Chocolate Bark | Anna International

In fact, I can’t even bring myself to use the recipe format for this, it is just that easy! Basically, melt a bar of dark chocolate in a bain marie, and when completely melted, pour out onto a plate covered with tinfoil. Sprinkle the dried fruit, nuts and seeds of your choice over the top, and refrigerate for a few hours. Once hard, you can break it up into ‘bark’ and you’re ready to serve. Best kept in the fridge.

I have been wary of late of buying big bags of nuts or fruit for a specific recipe which then sit unused in my cupboard for ages, so I bought two small pouches of mixed fruit, nuts and seeds designed for snacking and used them as sprinkles, meaning no leftovers. I used two Whitworths Blueberry and Seed Shots, which are only 50p each, bringing my total cost for this posh-looking plate of loveliness to £1.69. I did add a few pistachios that I already had too, because they are just so pretty.

Cheat's Chocolate Bark | Anna International

If you invest in some gift bags, this would make a lovely hostess gift, or present, or end-of-term teacher thank you. Or you can just eat it all yourself, like I seem to have done. Oops!

Thanks Rach for the excuse to eat chocolate! 🙂

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