All About Anna

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I’m Anna, a thirty-something former lawyer recently turned freelance copyeditor and blogger, living a life I absolutely love in the Yorkshire countryside with my boyfriend Ste and our little menagerie of animals. I blog about doing up our new home that we bought in December 2014, two 187o’s miners’ cottages knocked together, DIYs and crafts that I do (sometimes with a little or a lot of help from Ste), things I’ve cooked or eaten, places I’ve been, holidays, my family and friends, and life in general. I’d love for you to come along for the ride!

Why Anna International?

This is a funny one. When I started the blog I was travelling a lot, regularly heading to and from Florence where I lived for three years whilst doing my PhD, and when not travelling for work, I was going on as many holidays as possible. I’ve lived abroad several times, in Budapest in Hungary, Sofia in Bulgaria, Brussels in Belgium and a small town in Bavaria, Germany, and have collected myriad myriads of international friends over the years who are now spread all over the globe. I was also an international lawyer at the time. So, Anna and International seemed to go pretty well together.

Nowadays, I am living a pretty life in rural England, and spare money is spent on house renovations as opposed to lots of holidays abroad, though I still fit in as many of those as possible. I feel sometimes like I should change my blog to Anna Domestic, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Why a blog?

While living abroad in Italy, Facebook updates and a photostream of consciousness were my way of keeping friends and family at home up to date with my life, and since moving home I’ve missed having the excuse to populate the internet with my inane chatter. So, what better excuse than a blog?! I cannot promise to have anything interesting to say about life, but I can promise you a few decent recipes, pretty photodiaries from my travels, lots of updates on how we’re turning our new house into our home, and many cute photos of my dogs Billy and Toto and two cats Julian and Tarquin. Which essentially means this blog provides all of your internet needs in one place. I may even write some lists for you. Please follow me. I quite possibly may do something interesting!

Photo of AnnaInternational

Another lovely cold beer on a hot sunny day on Ravensborggade in Copenhagen


8 thoughts on “All About Anna

  1. You’ve certainly travelled. There’s nothing like living in for some time to get a real feel for a city!! Your blog sounds real interesting .. landed here following a link on Florence Italy .. anything to do with Italy is on my hit list now as I am off to Rome in April for the canonisation of my two favourites .. No time to browse now but will surely pass by again.


      1. Hi … yes please … looking forward to reading something. We may drive to Medjugore or take a boat/train/flight still trying to decide best way to do this. Any suggestions on this too would help but at least the food part. Ilove Italian food.


      2. Ooh, tricky. Probably a ferry from Ancona to Split would be your nicest option! But that would involve a cross-Italy drive (scenic, but stressful!) so your easiest way might be Roma to Split flight or even to Zadar. I doubt there will be direct flights Italy to Bosnia!


      1. I’ve just googled the location. I was born in a small town near Rosenheim which is even further South towards the Austrian border. My mum and sister live in Germany so we still go and visit. Bavaria is really very, very beautiful.


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