How to Make Dog Ice Lollies!

How to Make Dog Ice Lollies | Anna International

Britain is currently melting in a heatwave, and we have two very hot dogs on our hands. They have been flumping around the house on the bare wood floors trying to cool down, as opposed to their usual sleeping places on every cushion in the house. Toto especially gets very hot, because she is black, but also because she has very thick fur.

We wanted to help them cool down and sometimes give them ice cubes, but usually they get a cursory lick or two then get abandoned to melt into a little damp patch on the floor. Ste had the brilliant idea of turning some leftover homemade chicken stock we weren’t going to use into doggie ice lollies!

It wasย reallyย simple – I melted the stock in enough boiling water to fill the ice cube tray (a standard size like I used takes 200ml of liquid) from a jug, and then put the tray in the freezer. Two hours later they were set, and we prised them out of the mould (a little harder than it is with water ice).

dog ice treats

Both dogs grabbed the ice cube and snaffled it within seconds! Well, Billy did. Toto took a little bit more time and pushed it around the deck while eating it, but it lasted less than a minute, and normally she takes ages with treats. The cheeky monkeys both immediately came back for seconds!

Conclusion: a super simple and tasty snack which also helped cool the poor dogs down a bit. We will be keeping some of these in the freezer for the next few days while this heat continues, and I need to pop out and buy some ice lollies for the people to enjoy now too!

Hello to all my Fiesta Friday friends – sorry for bringing a dog treat instead of a people treat to the party, but I know some of you have canine pals who might appreciate a summer party snack too! (Suzanne, as you can see, it’s pug-approved) ย Have a great weekend everyone.

27 thoughts on “How to Make Dog Ice Lollies!

      1. Thanks they suit them! Particularly Mr Wentworth.. Best thing is you can’t shout it in anger you can only sound disappointed!


  1. Ahhh! Lucky dogs! Yes, we have to keep our pets cool too during the hot season and your recipe is just brilliant! Thanks so much for bringing this to FF and the cute pics of the pups chilling out with the ice lollies! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Oooh what a fab idea. I don’t have dogs, but one my cats loves ice, when he hears you getting ice from the machine he comes bounding over and waits for you to drop some. He doesn’t eat it mind, just likes to play with it! But now I’m wondering if he’d eating them if I do something like this!


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